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Table 2 Questionnaires and assessments in the study

From: Multidisciplinary and multifaceted outpatient management of patients with osteoarthritis: protocol for a randomised, controlled trial

  At inclusion 4 mnd 12 mnd
Socio-demographic data
   Age, gender, height, weight, marital status X   
   Work situation (profession, % of full time) X   
   Education X   
   Smoking X   
   Physical activity X   
   Earlier and current treatments X   
   Co-morbidities X   
Pain and functioning
   Pain during the last week (NRS 0-10) X X X
   Self-efficacy/ASES X X X
Health related quality of life
   SF-36 X X X
   EuroQoL X X X
Satisfaction with care
   Satisfaction with care (numeric rating scale 0-10)   X X
Various data at follow-up
   Use of health care and services (diary)   X X
   Global question on change of health status   X X
  1. NRS = Numeric Rating Scale
  2. SF-36 = Short Form-36 health survey
  3. WOMAC = Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index 3 AUSCAN = Australian/Canadian Osteoarthritis Hand Index
  4. PSFS = Patient-Specific Functional scale
  5. ASES = Arthritis Self Efficacy Scale