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Table 2 Interrater reliability of Newcastle–Ottawa and Jadad scales between two reviewers

From: Does coracoclavicular augmentation additional to hook plate fixation provide benefits in acute unstable acromioclavicular dislocation? A meta-analysis

  Inter-rater reliability
Kappa coefficient (95% CI)
Newcastle–Ottawa scale (4 studies)
  Is the case definition adequate 1
  Representativeness of the cases 1
  Selection of Controls 1
  Definition of Controls 1
  Study control 0.20 (−0.27 to 0.67)
  Any additional factor 1
  Assessment of outcome 1
  Was follow-up long enough for outcomes to occur 1
  Adequacy of follow up of cohorts 0.50 (−0.24 to 1.00)
Jadad scale (1 study)
  Randomization 1
  Blinding 1
  Withdrawal and dropouts 1