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Table 2 Content validation outcomes of the Persian JRPD questionnaire (N = 7)

From: Job requirements and physical demands (JRPD) questionnaire: cross-cultural adaptation and psychometric evaluation in Iranian Army personnel with chronic low back pain

Item Description CVI CVR
1 I work with my hands at or above chest level 0.93 1.00
2 To get to or do my work, I must lay on my back or side and work with my arm up 0.93 0.90
3 I must hold or carry materials (or large stacks of files) during the course of my work 1.00 1.00
4 I force or yank components of work objects in order to complete a task 0.90 0.90
5 I reach / hold my arms in front of or behind my body (e.g. Using keyboard, filing, handling parts, perform inspection tasks, pushing/ pulling carts, etc.) 1.00 0.90
6 My neck is tipped forward or backward when I work 0.96 1.00
7 I cradle a phone or other device between my neck and shoulder 1.00 0.70
8 My wrists are bent (up, down, to the thumb, or little finger side) while I work 0.93 1.00
9 I apple pressure or hold an item /material /tool (e.g., screwdriver, spray gun, mouse, etc. in my hand for longer than 10 s at a time) 0.96 0.90
10 My work requires me to use my hands in a way that is similar to wringing out clothes 1.00 0.90
11 I perform a series of repetitive tasks/ movement during the normal course of my work (e.g. using keyboard, tightening fastener, cutting meat, etc.) 0.93 1.00
12 The work surface (e.g., desk, bench, etc.) or tool(s) that I use presses into my palm(s),wrist(s), or against the sides of my fingers leaving red marks on or beneath the skin 0.93 1.00
13 I use my hand/ palm like a hammer to do aspects of my work 0.96 1.00
14 My hands and fingers are cold when I work 0.90 0.80
15 I work at a fast pace to keep up with the machine production quota or performance incentive 0.83 0.80
16 The tool(s) that I use vibrates and/ or jerks my hand(s)/arm(s) 1.00 1.00
17 My work requires that I repeatedly throw or toss items 0.96 0.90
18 My work requires me to twist my forearms, such as turning a screwdriver 1.00 1.00
19 I wear gloves that are bulky, or reduce my ability to grip 0.96 0.70
20 I squeeze or pinch work objects with a force similar to that which is required to open a lid on a new jar 0.90 0.80
21 I grip work objects or tools as if I am griping tightly onto a pencil 0.86 0.80
22 When I lift, move components, or do other aspects of my work, my hands are lower than my knees 0.83 1.00
23 I lean forward continually when I work (e.g., when sitting, when standing, when pushing carts, etc.) 0.93 0.90
24 The personal protective equipment or clothing that I wear limits or restricts my movement 1.00 0.80
25 I repeatedly bend my back (e.g., forward, backward, to the side, or twist) in the course of my work 1.00 1.00
26 When I lift, my body is twisted and/ or I lift quickly 0.96 0.80
27 I can feel vibration through the surface that I stand on, or through my seat 0.90 0.90
28 I lift and/ or carry items with my hand 1.00 0.90
29 I lift or handle bulky items 1.00 1.00
30 I lift materials that weigh more than 25 pounds 0.96 0.90
31 My work requires that I kneel or squat 1.00 1.00
32 I must constantly move or apply pressure with one or both feet (e.g. using foot pedals, driving, etc.) 0.96 0.90
33 When I’m sitting, I cannot rest both feet flat on the floor 0.80 1.00
34 I stand on hard surface 1.00 0.90
35 I can see glare on my computer screen or work surface 0.76 0.60
36 It is difficult to hear a person on the phone or to concentrate because of other activity, voices, or noise in/ near my work area 0.83 0.60
37 I must look at the monitor screen constantly so that I do not miss important information (e.g. radar scope) 0.93 0.60
38 It is difficult to see what I am working with (monitor, paper, parts, etc.) 0.76 0.60
  1. Abbreviations: JRPD Job requirements and physical demands, CVI content validity index, CVR content validity ratio