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Table 1 Eligibility and exclusion criteria

From: Total wrist arthrodesis with and without arthrodesis of the carpoMetacarpal joint (WAWWAM): study protocol

Eligibility criteria
Inclusion criteria
This study will include English speaking adults aged > 18 years who have been scheduled for total wrist arthrodesis. The conditions which are likely to be included are:
 SNAC (Scaphoid non-union advanced collapse)
 SLAC (Scapholunate ligament advanced collapse)
 Keinbock’s disease/Lunate avascular necrosis
 Preiser’s disease/Scaphoid avascular necrosis
 Wrist osteoarthritis
 Post traumatic arthritis
 Failed partial fusion
 Failed proximal row carpectomy
 Failed ligament repairs
Exclusion criteria
Patients will be excluded from this study if they:
 Lack ability to provide informed consent for participation (cognitive capacity or English proficiency)
 Have an inflammatory arthropathy (e.g., Rheumatoid arthritis)
 Have coexisting debilitating other upper limb disorder e.g., rotator cuff tear arthropathy with inability to raise arm above head.
 Neurological dysfunction affecting the limb of interest (CVA, plexus injury, peripheral nerve injury, spasm or contracture)
 Tumour of the wrist (giant cell or other)
 Wrist arthroplasty that will be revised to arthrodesis
 Planned to undergo or have undergone bilateral wrist arthrodesis