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Table 4 Minimal important difference

From: Responsiveness of five shoulder outcome measures at follow-ups from 3 to 24 months

  1. Numbers in bold/red are negative values. ROCAUC, area under the ROC curve; ROC cut-off, change score threshold that minimizes the sum of squares of 1-sensitivity and 1-specificity (i.e. the point on the ROC curve closest to the upper-left corner); Sens/Spec, proportion of improved patients correctly classified as improved/proportion of unchanged patients correctly classified as unchanged; MDC, Minimal Detectable Change; MIDMEAN, mean change score of patients scoring slightly above the chosen cut-off value on the anchor (0 to 100 scale); MID95%limit, 95% upper limit of the change score distribution of patients defined as unchanged (0 to 100 scale)