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Table 1 Therapeutic interventions of the study

From: Combining targeted instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization applications and neuromuscular exercises can correct forward head posture and improve the functionality of patients with mechanical neck pain: a randomized control study

Goal Myofascial release -Improved tissue elasticity
Provider ERGON IASTM certified Physical Therapists Physical Therapists
Materials ERGON IASTM Tools
Therapists hands
Massage emollient
Procedures • General treatment of the anatomical structures of the cervical area, the thorax (back and front) and the shoulder girdle
• Personalized treatment aiming at localised points of myofascial restrictions with the aim of myofascial release and tissue relaxation.
Treatment Strokes ERGON IASTM applications (linear, semi-circular and circular IASTM strokes) Classical massage strokes (effleurage, petrissage - kneading, friction)
Direction (s) and location(s) of treatment interventions applications Cranial direction: Suboccipital muscles, anterior deltoid, sternocleidomastoid, scalenes.
Caudal direction: Cervical extensor and rotator muscles, erector spinae.
Lateral direction (toward the spine): Trapezius, scapular muscles, posterior deltoid, pectoralis major
Lateral direction (away from the spine): Pectoralis major
Speed of applications Slow Speed
No of intervention sessions/duration. Treatments sessions/10 min duration