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Table 3 Spearman correlations (rho) with p-values between IPAQ-SF and accelerometer measured PA levels, n = 93

From: Criterion validity of The International Physical Activity Questionnaire-Short Form (IPAQ-SF) for use in clinical practice in patients with osteoarthritis

PA levels Correlation p-value
Total PA MET-minutes, per week a 0.373 0.001
MVPA MET-minutes, per week 0.315 0.002
MVPA-minutes, per week 0.329 0.001
Vigorous PA, minutes per week 0.106 0.311
Moderate PA, minutes per week 0.275 0.008
Walking/light PA, minutes per week a 0.145 0.210
Sitting/sedentary time, hours per weekday b 0.462 < 0.001