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Table 1 Summary of measures taken due to COVID-19 to ensure data collection can continue over 12 months

From: Successful recovery following musculoskeletal trauma: protocol for a qualitative study of patients’ and physiotherapists’ perceptions

Potential disruption or risk Actions taken
Face to face interviews cannot take place 1. To minimise risk to patient and researcher the first interview will be conducted via a video call (Microsoft team) or alternatively a telephone call will be used if the patient does not have access to video calling.
Minimising risk of COVID-19 transmission for second and third interviews 1. Second and third interviews can be conducted via video call (Microsoft teams) or telephone call if participant cannot access video calling.
2. Face to face interviews can take place when safe to do so in either the University setting or at patients home; if and when current government guidance changes and in line with University policy.
Recording of interviews if conducted via video call or telephone All interviews will be audio recorded using the same password protected digital recorder.