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Table 1 Values of main registration components following parameters tuning for affine and non-rigid registration

From: SCreg: a registration-based platform to compare unicondylar knee arthroplasty SPECT/CT scans

Main parameters Affine registration Non-rigid registration
Pyramids Smoothing anisotropic gaussian Smoothing anisotropic gaussian
Number of resolutions 3 4
Smoothing factors 442,221,111 884, 442, 221, 111
Metrics Normalized mutual information Non-normalized mutual information
Number of histogram bins 16 32
Transforms Affine B-Splines
Control grid spacing Not applicable (32; 32; 16) voxels
Multiplication factors Not applicable 884 442,221,111
Optimizers Adaptive stochastic gradient descent Adaptive stochastic gradient descent
Maximal number of iterations 2000 500
Samplers Random Random
Number of points 2000 2000
Interpolators Nearest neighbor Linear
Final interpolators Linear 3rd-degree B-splines