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Table 3 Newcastle-Ottawa Scale

From: A systematic review of the role of inflammatory biomarkers in acute, subacute and chronic non-specific low back pain

AuthorYearSelectionComparabilityOutcomeTotal Score
Prospective Cohort
 Gebhardt et al. [23],20062/41/23/36/9
 Klyne et al. [26],2018a2/42/22/36/9
 Sturmer et al. [28],20052/41/22/35/9
 Heffner et al. [24],20111/42/21/34/9
 Klyne et al. [25],2017a4/42/21/37/9
 Luchting et al. [27],20162/42/20/34/9
 Wang et al. [30],20082/41/21/34/9
Prospective Cross-sectional study
 Wang et al. [29],20104/52/21/37b/10
  1. aParticipants in Klyne et al.’s 2018 study taken from the same sample as Klyne et al.’s 2017 study
  2. bNewcastle Ottawa Scale (NOS) cross-sectional scale is out of 10