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Table 4 Prediction models for association between measurement instrument usage and therapist characteristics

From: Use and perceived added value of patient-reported measurement instruments by physiotherapists treating acute low back pain: a survey study among Dutch physiotherapists

 Number of measurement instrumentsUse of SBT (yes/no)Use of QBPDS (yes/no)
B95% CIp-valueOR95% CIp-valueOR95% CIp-value
Gender1.30.6–2.0< 0.001n.s.  n.s.  
PT experiencean.s.  n.s.  0.30.1–0.90.029
LBP experiencebn.s.  4.21.6–11.10.0040.20.1–0.50.001
E-health affinitycn.s.  n.s.  n.s.  
  1. a PT experience dichotomised as: ≤10 years (reference group) vs. > 10 years;
  2. b LBP experience dichotomised as: ≤50 patients/year (reference group) vs. > 50 patients/year
  3. c E-health affinity dichotomised as: no to average affinity (reference group) vs. high to very high affinity;
  4. B b-coefficient;
  5. OR odds ratio;
  6. CI confidence interval;
  7. SBT STarT Back Screening Tool;
  8. QBPDS Quebec Back Pain Disability Scale;
  9. PT physiotherapist
  10. n.s. not significant (p > 0.05)