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Table 1 Study measures to be collected

From: RECOVER-E – a mobile app for patients undergoing total knee or hip replacement: study protocol

Primary outcome measure
Activities of daily living (ADL)KOOS/HOOS subscale ADL (self-reported)x   x
Secondary outcome measures
 Pain, symptoms, Sport & Rec and quality of lifeKOOS/HOOS subscales pain, symptoms, Sport & Rec and quality of life (self-reported)x   x
 Pain at restNRS (self-reported)xxxxx
 Pain during activityNRS (self-reported)xxxxx
 Preoperative anxiety and depressionHADS (self-reported)xx   
Other measures
 Usage metricsnumber of user sessions, length of time participants interact with the app, content they engage with, frequency of recording self-monitoring parameters, number of awardscontinuous recording
 Physical activityIPAQ (self-reported)x    
 Social supportquestionnaire (self-reported)    x
 Physician visits post-surgeryquestionnaire (self-reported)    x
 Use of pain medicationmedical record, questionnaire (self-reported) xxxx
 Sex, agemedical record   x 
 BMI (size, weight)medical record   x 
 Operated jointmedical record   x 
 OPS, ICDmedical record   x 
 Comorbiditiesmedical record   x 
 Duration of hospital staymedical record   x 
 Type and duration of planned and performed rehabilitation programmemedical record, questionnaire (self-reported)   xx
 Complications post-surgerymedical record, questionnaire (self-reported)  xxx
Structural data of hospitals
- Number of beds
- Number of joint replacement surgeries performed over the past 12 months
- Number of nurses in the orthopaedic departments: nurses, nursing assistants, Pain Nurses, full-time equivalent
- Number of physicians in the orthopaedic departments: total number, number of orthopaedic specialists, full-time equivalent
- Process quality management data for the care of patients with THR/TKR (documentation forms and guidelines, interprofessional standard operating procedures for analgesic therapy, pain management guidelines, other pain therapy guidelines, standard operating procedures for patients with THR/TKR, special contracts with other facilities and mandatory health insurance companies for structured patient care)
- Regular cooperation with institutions of inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation
  1. KOOS knee injury and osteoarthritis outcome score, HOOS hip disability and osteoarthritis outcome score, NRS numerical rating scale, HADS Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale, IPAQ International Physical Activity Questionnaire, BMI body mass index, OPS “Operationen- und Prozedurenschlüssel” (= key for surgery procedures), ICD International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, THR Total hip replacement, TKR Total knee replacement