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Table 1 Group allocation and testing for C57BL/6 J mice

From: M1 macrophage infiltration exacerbate muscle/bone atrophy after peripheral nerve injury

C57BL/6 J MiceControlCCI Surgery
No TxClodDexPregLoxoNeuroAmitryp
Muscle weight888888
Total bone density888888
Immunohistochemical analysis88888888
Flow cytometry88888888
  1. A total of 30 × 8 = 240 mice were tested
  2. Control, surgery without chronic constriction injury (CCI); No Tx, no treatment; Clod, Clodronate liposome; Dex, Dexamethasone; Preg, Pregabalin; Loxo, Loxoprofen; Neuro, Neurotropin; Amitryp, Amitriptyline