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Table 5 Comparison between VDF and VRF Technique

From: Clinical outcomes of transforaminal endoscopic lateral recess decompression by using the visualized drilled foraminoplasty and visualized reamed foraminoplasty: a comparison study

Approach Transforaminal Transforaminal
Puncture site Paraspinal muscle 12–16 cm lateral to the midline Paraspinal muscle 10–14 cm lateral to the midline
Puncture target Tip of SAP Ventral portion of SAP
Site of foraminoplasty Tip of SAP Base of SAP
Adjustment instrumentation of puncture NO Eccentric guide rod
Requirements for puncture accuracy High Low
Instrumentation of bony-plasty Drill Endoscopic reamer
Radiation exposure time Long Short
Operation time Longer Long
Facet disturbance smaller small
Lateral recess decompression More precise Precise
  1. VDF visualized drilled foraminoplasty, VRF visualized reamed foraminoplasty