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Table 1 Peri-operative and post-operative protocols for the historical and intervention periods

From: Implementing early mobilisation after knee or hip arthroplasty to reduce length of stay: a quality improvement study with embedded qualitative component

  Before cohort After cohort
Spinal anaesthetic Preferred approach Preferred approach
Adductor canal block Standard protocol unless contraindicated in TKA Standard protocol unless contraindicated in TKA
Tranexamic Acid (intravenous) Standard protocol unless contraindications Standard protocol unless contraindications
Patient controlled anaesthesia Optional Optional
Multi-modal analgesia Standard protocol Standard protocol
In-dwelling catheter Standard protocol Standard protocol
Use of tourniquet (TKA only) Standard protocol Standard protocol
Medial parapatellar approach (TKA) Standard Standard
Posterolateral approach (THA) Standard Standard
Mobilisation Day 0 Not performed Routine attempt
Mobilisation Day 1 Once Twice
Mobilisation Day 2 Once Twice
  1. Legend: TKA total knee arthroplasty, THA total hip arthroplasty