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Table 3 Empiric antimicrobial agents of the referred patients in the previous hospital

From: Primarily treated patients versus referred patients in the treatment of native septic arthritis of digits: a retrospective comparative study

Classification Antimicrobial agent Total number of administration Susceptible to the identified microorganism / Cases with no growth of microorganism
Penams Penicillin IV nafcillin 1 0/0
Beta lactam/Beta lactamase inhibitor Oral amoxicillin-clavulanate 7 1 (MSSA) /2
Cephems 1st generation cephalosporin IV cefazolin 5 0/3
Oral cephalexin 1 0/0
2nd generation cephalosporin IV cefotetan 2 0/0
IV cefotiam 1 1 (Streptococcus specis)/0
3rd generation cephalosporin IV cefotaxime 4 1 (Pasteurella multocida) /0
IV ceftriaxone 5 1 (Enterobacter cloacae)/0
Oral cefpodoxime 4 2 (Streptococcus species, Eschericia coli)/1
Aminoglycoside IV netilmicin 1 0/0
Lincosamides Oral clindamycin 3 0/0
   Unidentified oral form 5 Not available/1
  1. IV intravenous, MSSA methicillin-sensitive Staphylococcus aureus