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Table 2 Patient Radiology Results

From: Percutaneous endoscopic unilateral laminotomy and bilateral decompression under 3D real-time image-guided navigation for spinal stenosis in degenerative lumbar kyphoscoliosis patients: an innovative preliminary study

  Operation Level Pre-OP DSCSA (mm2) Post-OP DSCSA (mm2)
Case 1 L3/L4 89.07 189.73
Case 2 L4/L5 84.39 143.05
Case 3 L2/L3 85.68 152.34
Case 4 L3/L4 67.34 127.96
  1. DSCSA Dural Sac Cross Sectional Area, Pre-OP Preoperative, Post-OP Postoperative