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Table 2 Intervention Summary

From: Collaborative model of care between Orthopaedics and allied healthcare professionals in knee osteoarthritis (CONNACT): study protocol for an effectiveness-implementation hybrid randomized control trial

Intervention Component Criteria to receive intervention Healthcare Professional Treatment Principles Delivery Format
Exercise Therapy All patients Physiotherapist American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) [29] and Neuromuscular Exercise (NEMEX) [30] guidelines Group sessions ×  8
Clinical Assessment and Education All patients Orthopaedic Surgeon Psychologist Social Worker Clinical and Radiological Assessment Pharmacological Intervention “Expert” Patients Group Education sessions × 2 Support Group session x 1
Dietetics and Nutrition BMI > 23.5 Dietician Dietary intervention to increase dietary-related nutrition knowledge and self-efficacy for effective weight loss [31] Group sessions × 3
Psychological support PHQ-4 > 5 or PEG > 4 on all scales or PAM < 3 Psychologist Social Worker Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) principles [32, 33] Patient Activation [34] Pain Management Coping Strategies and improving compliance to behavioural modifications Group sessions ×  3