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Table 1 The cases of quadruple primary neoplasms reported in the English literature between 2000 and 2020

From: Multiple primary tumors: a case report and review of the literature

Author, yearAge/GenderTumorsTypeSurvivalGenetic test
Mussari [9], 200047/MAnus/ Esophagus/ Lung/ Oral cavityN/AN/AN/A
48/MLung/ Stomach/ Rectum/ LungN/AN/AN/A
55/MOral cavity/ Oropharynx/ Esophagus/ MelanomaN/AN/AN/A
60/MOral cavity/ Larynx/ Lymphoma/ EsophagusN/AN/AN/A
Noh [10], 200868/FBreast cancer/ Rectal adenocarcinoma/ Ovary carcinoma/ Endometrium carcinomaMetachronousN/AN/A
Angurana [11], 201035/FInfiltrating duct cell carcinoma Breast carcinoma/ Early infiltrating duct cell carcinoma of breast carcinoma/ Adenocarcinoma endometrium/ Esophagus carcinomaMetachronous30 yearsN/A
Jiao [12], 201364/MSmall intestine adenocarcinoma/ Colon adenocarcinoma/ Urothelial carcinoma of the pelvis/ Pancreatic cancerMetachronous20 yearsN/A
KIM [13], 201373/FThyroid carcinoma/ Breast carcinoma/ Pancreatic carcinoma/ Gastrointestinal stromal tumorSynchronous8 months (DOD)N/A
Milosevic [14], 201440/FMedullary thyroid carcinoma/ Micropapillary thyroid carcinoma/ Melanoma/ Breast carcinomaMetachronousN/APTEN/P53 /RET/HRAS/KRAS
Kousaka [15], 201441/FOsteosarcoma/ Tongue cancer/ Thyroid cancer/ Breast carcinomaMetachronous3 monthsN/A
Grace [16], 201570/MGlioblastoma/ Schwannoma/ Neuroendocrine tumor/ AdenomaSynchronousN/AEGFR /CDKN2A/2B/PTEN
Meeks [17], 201695/FAdenocarcinoma/ Adenoma/ Neuroendocrine tumor/ Schwann cell hamartomaSynchronousN/AN/A
Elec [18], 201778/MProstate adenocarcinoma/ Clear-cell renal carcinoma/ Papillary renal carcinoma/ Bladder cancerSynchronous4 yearsN/A
Nanashima [19], 201767/MStomach/ Sigmoid colon/ Rectum/ Pancreas carcinomasSynchronous4.25 yearsN/A
Wang [20], 201956/FCervix/ Endometrium/ Ovary/ Stomach carcinomasSynchronous1 yearN/A
  1. M male, F female, N/A not applicable, DOD died of disease