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Table 3 Incidence of anterior knee pain, and patellar crepitus between the two groups

From: Influence of femoral implant design modification on anterior knee pain and patellar crepitus in patients who underwent total knee arthroplasty without patella resurfacing

MeasureControl GroupStudy Groupp value
Anterior knee pain
 3-m Postoperatively12 (13.3%)4 (4.7%)0.048a
 1-y Postoperatively12 (13.3%)3 (3.5%)0.021a
Patellar creptius
 3-m Postoperatively31 (34.4%)13 (15.3%)0.004a
 1-y Postoperatively26 (28.9%)9 (10.6%)0.002a
During which of the following actions do you feel pain?
 Walking on flat00 
 Ascending and descending stairs83 
  1. a Pearson Chi-squared test