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Table 1 Maneuvers and scores of Shiari-Javadi Criteria for generalized joint hypermobility

From: Prevalence of generalized joint hypermobility in children with anxiety disorders

1Passive back hyperextension > 30°1
2Bilateral passive lateral neck rotation in which nose crosses1
Imaginary line down the frontal appendage of acromio-clavicular joint
3Bilateral passive MCPS hyperextension > 90°1
4Elbows hyperextension ≥10°1
5Vertical shoulders hyperextension so that elbows touch together from behind1
6Passive hips abduction so that the angle between them > 120°1
7Passive knees hyperextension > 10°1
8Thumbs hyperextension so that thumbs touch volar aspect of forearm1
Total Scores8