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Table 1 Outcome domains, measures, and timing of data collection

From: Risk assessment for prolonged sickness absence due to musculoskeletal disorders: protocol for a prospective cohort study

 Sickness absenceCollected from the NAV registry12 months before, baseline,
3, 6 and 12 months after baseline
 Productivity loss (absenteeism, presenteeism)iPCQ [20] (summary scores)Baseline, 4 weeks
 Musculoskeletal healthMSK-HQ [18] (summary score)Baseline, 4 weeks
 Health-related quality of lifeEQ-5D-5 L [21] (index value)Baseline, 4 weeks
 Use of health careCollected from public records (NPR, KPR, KUHR)12 months before, baseline,
3, 6 and 12 months after baseline
 BothersomenessSTarT MSK [17] (Q3)Baseline, 4 weeks
 CopingÖMPSQ-SF [16] (single item from ÖMPSQ, Q12)Baseline, 4 weeks
 DisabilityMSK-HQ [18] (Q4), EQ-5D-5 L [21] (Q2)Baseline, 4 weeks
 DistressSTarT MSK [17] (Q8); ÖMPSQ-SF [16] (Q5,Q6); MSK-HQ [18] (Q11); EQ-5D-5 L [21] (Q5)Baseline, 4 weeks
 FatigueMSK-HQ [18] (Q10)Baseline, 4 weeks
 Fear-avoidance beliefsSTarT MSK [17] (Q9); ÖMPSQ-SF [16] (Q9,Q10)Baseline, 4 weeks
 Future disease expectationsSTarT MSK [17] (Q6) 
 Health literacyMSK-HQ [18] (Q12)Baseline, 4 weeks
 IndependenceMSK-HQ [18] (Q8)Baseline, 4 weeks
 Overall impactMSK-HQ [18] (Q14)Baseline, 4 weeks
 Pain (management, duration, intensity)STarT MSK [17] (Q1,Q2,Q5,Q10); ÖMPSQ-SF [16] (Q1,Q2); EQ-5D-5 L [21] (Q4); MSK-HQ [18] (Q1,Q2)Baseline, 4 weeks
 Physical activityMSK-HQ [18] (Q5,Q15)Baseline, 4 weeks
 Return to work expectancyÖMPSQ-SF [16] (Q7,Q8); single item on return to work expectancy [14]Baseline, 4 weeks
 Self-efficacyMSK-HQ [18] (Q13)Baseline, 4 weeks
 Self-perceived physical functionSTarT MSK [17] (Q4); ÖMPSQ-SF [16] (Q3); MSK-HQ [18] (Q3); EQ-5D-5 L [21] (Q1,Q3)Baseline, 4 weeks
 Self-perceived healthSTarT MSK [17] (Q7); EQ-5D-5 L [21] (Q6)Baseline, 4 weeks
 SleepMSK-HQ [18] (Q9); ÖMPSQ-SF [16] (Q4)Baseline, 4 weeks
 Social activityMSK-HQ [18] (Q7)Baseline, 4 weeks
 Work conflictSingle question on work conflict (yes/no)Baseline, 4 weeks
 Work informationiPCQ [20]Baseline, 4 weeks
 Work satisfactionSingle item on work satisfaction (Numeric rating scale, 0 = not satisfied, 10 = satisfied); Single question regarding the desire to return to same work position (yes/no)Baseline, 4 weeks
 WorkabilitySingle item from Work Ability Index [22] (Q1, numeric rating scale, 0 = worst, 10 = best); MSK-HQ [18] (Q6)Baseline, 4 weeks
 Change in condition7-point global rating of change4 weeks
  1. Abbreviation: iPCQ iMTA Productivity Cost Questionnaire, STarT MSK Keele Subgroups for Targeted Treatment Musculoskeletal Tool, ÖMPSQ-SF Örebro Musculoskeletal Pain Screening Questionnaire short form, MSK-HQ Musculoskeletal Health Questionnaire, EQ-5D-5 L EuroQol 5 Dimensions, NPR Norwegian Patient Registry, KPR Municipal Patient and User Registry, KUHR Control and Payment of Health Refunds, Q Question/item