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Table 2 Association between number of steps/day and psychological outcomes

From: The association between psychological characteristics and physical activity levels in people with knee osteoarthritis: a cross-sectional analysis

 B (95% CIs)p-valueAdjusted R2
Depression subscale of the DASS-59 (− 138–19)0.1380.34
ASES for pain and other symptoms117 (−12–246)0.0750.34
BFOMSO−117 (−227 – −8)0.0360.35
PCS−44 (−86 – − 1)0.0440.35
  1. DASS Depression Anxiety Stress Scale, ASES Arthritis Self-Efficacy Scale, BFOMSO Brief Fear of Movement Scale for Osteoarthritis, PCS Pain Catastrophizing Scale, B; regression coefficient