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Table 1 Study Characteristics

From: Pre-operative denosumab is associated with higher risk of local recurrence in giant cell tumor of bone: a systematic review and meta-analysis

StudyYearCountryNo. of casesFollow-up (months)SiteSurgeryQuality Score
Agarwal(19)2018India253412 to 24E/KC/W********
Chen(15)2018China20103 to 36KUnspecified*****
Costantino(3)2018Italy25222> 24E/KC******
Liu(18)2016China13> 8EC****
Medellin(20)2018UK7100> 12EC/W******
Scoccianti(9)2018Italy12914 to 92E/KC******
Tsukamoto(13)2019Japan2531754 to 124E/KC/W******
Urakawa(17)2018Japan4015860 to 72E/KC*****
Yang(22)2018China610> 24KC/W********
Zou(21)2018China85021 to 321KC/W******
  1. E Extremity; K Trunk; C Intralesional Curettage; W Wide Resection