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Table 1 Patient demographics and summary of operative procedures

From: Discrepancy between true ankle dorsiflexion and gait kinematics and its association with severity of planovalgus foot deformity

Sex (male / female)29 / 11
Age (years)11.7 ± 5.5 (range: 5.2–25.3)
Side (right / left)35 / 30
Etiology (Cerebral palsy / Idiopathic)33 / 7
Operative proceduresNumber of limbs
Calcaneal lengthening20
Talonavicular fusion1
Intramuscular psoas lengthening5
Adductor tenotomy2
Dega pelvic osteotomy2
Femoral derotaton osteotomy7
Femoral varization osteotomy2
Distal hamstring lengthening32
Rectus femoris transfer27
Tendo-Achilles lengthening or Strayer procedure56
Tibial derotation osteotomy2
Kidner operation2