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Table 2 Scheduled measurements of primary and secondary outcomes

From: Effectiveness of intramuscular gluteal glucocorticoid injection versus intra-articular glucocorticoid injection in knee osteoarthritis: design of a multicenter randomized, 24 weeks comparative parallel-group trial

MeasurementBaselineInjection2 weeks fu4 weeks fu8 weeks fu12 weeks fu24 weeks fu
Primary outcome measure
 KOOS pain subscalex xxxxx
Secondary outcome measures
 Adverse events  x    
 Hospitalization  xxxxx
 Co-interventions (iMCQ)  xxxxx
 Medication use for knee OAx xxxxx
 Re-injection with glucocorticoid    xxx
 KOOS stiffnessx xxxxx
 KOOS function in daily livingx xxxxx
 KOOS sports and recreationx xxxxx
 KOOS QoLx xxxxx
 ICOAPx xxxxx
 OMERACT OARSI responder criteria  xxxxx
 Knee pain over past week (NRS)xxxxxxx
 Perceived recovery (Likert scale)  xxxxx
 Knee complaint characteristicsx xxxxx
 Health related QoLx      
Additional measurements
 Radiograph of study knee     x 
 Check of ACR criteria x     
 Painfulness of injection (NRS)  x    
 Demographic informationx      
 Physical activity over the past week (IPAQ short)x      
 Neuropathic pain (Modified painDETECT Questionnaire)x      
 Patients’ preferred injection sitex      
 Patients’ expected treatment responsex