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Table 1 Scoring instructions for the Quality Indicators for Physiotherapy Management of Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis (QUIPA)

From: Patient-reported quality indicators to evaluate physiotherapy care for hip and/or knee osteoarthritis- development and evaluation of the QUIPA tool

 The QUIPA tool is a patient-reported questionnaire used to assess patient perspectives on whether physiotherapists are providing evidence-based care when managing hip and/or knee osteoarthritis. It is a self-administered questionnaire consisting of 18 items divided into 3 subscales:
 • Assessment and management planning: Q1–6
 • Core recommended treatments: Q7-13b
 • Adjunctive treatments: 14–17
 The last 12 weeks is the time period considered when answering the questions.
Method of use
 The QUIPA tool takes approximately 15 min to complete. For each question, tick ONLY 1 box corresponding to your response.
 For question 10, if the answer was ‘no’, question 12 should be omitted and not answered.
 For question 13a, if the answer was ‘no’, ‘don’t remember’ or ‘not overweight’, question 13b should be omitted and not answered.
Scoring instructions
 Each subscale score is calculated independently as below. Do not score if there is a missing response or if the response is in the grey columns.
 For each subscale, if > 50% of the subscale items have not been responded with ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers, the response is considered invalid and no subscale score should be calculated. For subscale Assessment and management planning, this means that 3 items must be answered; for Core recommended treatments, 4 items; and for Adjunctive treatments, 2 items must be answered in order to calculate a subscale score.
Score (S) for each subscale:
\( \mathbf{S}=\frac{\mathbf{Total}\ \mathbf{of}`\mathbf{yes}'}{\mathbf{Total}\ \mathbf{of}`\mathbf{yes}'\&`\mathbf{no}'}\mathbf{X}\ \mathbf{100}\% \)
 For the total score of the QUIPA tool, add up the responses from all 3 subscales as below.
 Total Score (ToS):
\( \mathbf{ToS}=\frac{\mathbf{Total}\ \mathbf{of}`\mathbf{yes}'\mathbf{from}\ \mathbf{all}\ \mathbf{3}\ \mathbf{subscales}}{\mathbf{Total}\ \mathbf{of}`\mathbf{yes}'\&`\mathbf{no}'\mathbf{from}\ \mathbf{all}\ \mathbf{3}\ \mathbf{subscales}}\mathbf{X}\ \mathbf{100}\% \)
Interpreting the results
 The QUIPA tool is used to measure quality indicator pass rates for physiotherapists in managing hip/knee osteoarthritis. Percentage score is calculated, ranging from 0 to 100, with 100% representing the best quality of care score.