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Table 2 Postoperative complications and outcomes

From: Novel anterior curved incision combined with MIPO for Pilon fracture treatment

Average follow-up period, months46.7 (24–72)
Average duration between trauma and surgery, days7.6 (6–10)
Radiographic healing time, months3.6 (3–6)
Radiographic evaluation
 Anatomic reduction12 (70.5%)
 Good reduction4 (23.6%)
 Poor reduction1 (5.9%)
 Articular step off1.0 mm (range: 0–3 mm)
 Superficial infection1 (5.8%)
 Superficial peroneal nerve damage2 (11.8%)
 Valgus deformity2 (7° and 8°)
 Varus deformity0 (0%)
 Arthritis2 (11.8%)
 Screw loosening and implant failure0 (0%)
Good and excellent rate of ankle joint function (Mazur ankle score)15 (88.2%)
VAS score1.19 ± 0.52
Implant removal14 (82.4%)