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Table 6 Alleles and genotypes distribution between patients with different rate of progression of IS

From: CHD7 gene polymorphisms in female patients with idiopathic scoliosis

 Independent modelDominant modelRecessive model
Allele/genotypeNP-IS N = 80SP-IS N = 78RP-IS N = 53P-valueaP-value NP-IS vs. RP-ISaP-valueaP-value NP-IS vs. RP-ISbP-valueaP-value NP-IS vs. RP-ISa
  1. Abbreviations: IS idiopathic scoliosis, NP-IS nonprogressive idiopathic scoliosis, SP-IS slowly progressive idiopathic scoliosis and RP-IS rapidly progressive idiopathic scoliosis, a- Chi-square test
  2. significant P-values (<0.05) are in bold