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Table 1 Patients’ detail

From: External fixation-assisted reduction for the treatment of neglected hip dislocations with limb length discrepancy: a retrospective study of 13 cases

PatientDuration from trauma to surgery(months)Acetabular fracture typePosterior dislocation typeFollow-up (months)Clinical outcomeVASComplication
53Posterior wallI15Excellent0 
68Posterior wallII17Poor2AVN
74Transverse with posterior wallII17Fair3AVN
83posterior wallII15Good0 
92.5Posterior column with posterior wallIII18Poor2 
102Posterior wallIII15Good0 
117Posterior wallIII14Poor1OA
125Transverse with posterior wallIV13Good1 
136Posterior column with posterior wallIV16Fair1 
  1. AVN Avascular femoral head necrosis
  2. OA Osteoarthritis