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Table 1 Sample characteristics at follow-up for employees that responded at both time points

From: Effects of psychosocial work factors on number of pain sites: The role of sleep quality as mediator

 Employees who responded to sleep and pain items at baseline and follow-up (N = 6277)
Age (y)< 304587.3%
 < 594186.7%
Difficulties initiating sleep*0 times222335.7%
 1–3 times per month229236.8%
 1–2 times per week104416.8%
 3–5 times per week4857.8%
 6–7 times per week1822.9%
Disturbed sleep*0 times155224.9%
 1–3 times per month223735.9%
 1–2 times per week127920.5%
 3–5 times per week82613.3%
 6–7 times per week3375.4%
Neck pain*Not troubled508481.0%
Shoulder/Upper arm pain*Not troubled519782.8%
Underarm/Hand pain*Not troubled578192.1%
Back pain*Not troubled531684.7%
Leg pain*Not troubled564890.0%
Number of pain sites*0382460.9%
  1. *Follow-up scores