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Table 3 Criteria and scores of modified Pauli’s microscopic grading system within meniscus

From: Substantive molecular and histological changes within the meniscus with tears

I Surface of inner border
A. Smooth 0
B. Slight fibrillation or slightly undulating 1
C. Moderate fibrillation or markedly undulating 2
D. Severe fibrillation or disruption 3
II Cellularity
A. Normal 0
B. Diffuse hypercellularity or hypocellularity 1
C. Vacuoloid changes or cell clusters 2
D. Vacuoloid changes and cell clusters 3
III Collagen organisation/alignment and fibre organisation
A. Collagen fibres organised and homogenous eosinophilic
staining of extracellular matrix
B. Fewer collagen fibres unorganised or diffuse foci of hyaline or
mucinous degeneration
C. Most collagen fibres unorganised or confluent foci or bands of
hyaline or mucinous degeneration.
D. Collagen fibres unorganised and fibrocartilaginous separation
(oedema, cyst formation).
  1. The range of possible total scores was 0–9, which was then converted into 4 grades: G1 0–1, G2 2–4, G3 5–7, and G4 8–9. Grade 1 represents normal tissue, Grade 2 is mild degeneration, Grade 3 is moderate degeneration, and Grade 4 is severe degeneration