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Table 2 Radiographic assessment of four groups classified based on the location of bony exostosis site on the lower leg

From: Coronal malalignment of lower legs depending on the locations of the exostoses in patients with multiple hereditary exostoses

 Group A (Both)Group B (Proximal)Group C (Distal)Group D (Others)
  1. Considering the value of both MPTA and LDTA as a reflection of genu valga and ankle valgus deformity for each, group A seemed to have a tendency of valgus deformity at most in knee and ankle joints
  2. On analysis of MPTA radiographic analysis implying valgus deformity around knee joint, group A showed the greatest value followed by group B, C, and D. With LDTA radiographic analysis suggesting valgus deformity on ankle joint, group A showed the lowest value in the degree of ankle valgus deformity. The next following groups were C, B, and D in decreasing order