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Table 6 Difference in distribution of one year registered sickness-absence net days (n-days) > 14 days by reporting high or low psychosocial work demand exposure

From: Important work demands for reducing sickness absence among workers with neck or upper back pain: a prospective cohort study

 Work demand exposure
NMean n-daysNMean n-daysP*
 16–29 years189233350.30
 30–49 years75891364110.24
 50–64 years672111233140.80
 16–29 years212631030.42
 30–49 years921101201100.45
 50–64 years96412941140.95
 All24731320768< 0.01
 Women17871412287< 0.01
 16–29 years32062022< 0.05
 30–49 years110312101980.06
 50–64 years10501585510< 0.01
  1. Four thousand five hundred sixty-seven workers with self-reported neck or upper back pain by gender and age group. Mean number of n-days for description only. P values indicate the difference in distribution of sick days between reporting high or low exposure. Wilcoxon Rank Sum Test * = two tailed; bold numbers indicate a statistically significant difference. N = number of workers