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Table 2 Occupational groups of the source population, 18,786 workers with or without neck or upper back pain (neck pain). N = number of workers

From: Important work demands for reducing sickness absence among workers with neck or upper back pain: a prospective cohort study

No neck painNeck painNo neck painNeck pain
% (N = 6957)% (N = 3023)% (N = 7262)% (N = 1544)
Service, care and shop sales workers252878
Technicians and associated professionals, nurses26252317
Professionals, e.g. teachers, computer technicians25212117
Clerks, office, warehouse workers111244
Plant and machine operators231420
Craft and related, trade workers, miners, construction workers111724
Managers, legislators, senior officials5384
Elementary occupations, janitors, cleaners, etc.4523
Skilled agricultural, forestry and fishery workers1122
Other< 1122