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Table 1 Details derived from four case reports

From: A symptomatic cyamella in the popliteus tendon causing snapping knee: a case report and literature review

  Mishra.1996 [15] Benthien.2010 [16] Dheer.2012 [17] Rehmatullah.2014 [18]
Age of patient 28Y 25Y 14Y 64Y
Symptoms Unable to bear weight,swelling Posterolateral knee pain,swelling and discomfort for 6 weeks Lateral knee pain,swelling, inability to fully extend his knee Intermittent knee pain for 4 months
History of trauma Y N N Y
Treatment Arthroscopy Physical therapy Not mentioned Hinge brace
Follow up Asymptomatic after 6 weeks Asymptomatic after 1 year Not mentioned Symptoms reoccurred once the brace was removed