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Table 3 Main characteristics of MRI, MRA and CTA

From: Imaging modality for measuring the presence and extent of the labral lesions of the shoulder: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Author, year Scanner (MRI /MRA) Method (MRA) Technical parameters (MRI /MRA) Analyzed image plane
Vendor Model Magnetic strength/CT Slice Sequence (MRI) Sequence (MRA) Slice thickness (mm) NO. of analyzed image plane
Flannigan, et al. 1990 [31] GE Healthcare Signa 1.5 T Direct T1WI (SE) T1WI (SE) 4/4 1/1 Coronal
Chandnani, et al. 1993 [32] NA NA 1.5 T Direct T1WI SE pulse sequence PDWI, T2WI (SE) 3/3 2/2 Axial, obl cor/Axial, obl cor
Sano, et al. 1996 [33] Shimazu NA 1.5 T NA NA T1WI 2/4 3/3 Axial, obl cor, obl sag/Axial, obl cor, obl sag
Wallny, et al. 1998 [34] Philips ACS II 1.5 T Indirect T1WI,T2WI,PD T1WI (FS) 3/3 2/2 Axial, obl cor/Axial, obl cor
Herold, et al. 2003 [38] Siemens Erlangen 1.5 T Indirect STIR, T1 SE,PD-T2 TSE,T1-Flash 2D,T1 SE STIR, T1 SE,PD-T2 TSE,T1-Flash 2D,T2 SE 3/3 3/3 axial, parasag, paracor/Axial, parasag, paracor
Reuss, et al. 2006 [35] NA NA 1.5 T Direct NA NA NA NA NA
Dinauer, et al. 2007 [15] GE healthcare Signa 1.5 T Indirect T1WI (FSE, FS), T2WI (FSE, FS) T1WI (FSE, FS) 3.5/3.5 3/3 Axial, obl cor, obl sag/Axial, obl cor, obl sag
Magee, et al. 2009 [17] GE healthcare Signa 3 T Direct T1WI (FSE),T2WI(FSE), T2WI (FSE, FS) T1WI (FS) 4/4 3/3 Axial, obl cor, obl sag
Major, et al. 2011 [36] Siemens Signa 3 T Direct T1WI, T2 WI(FS), PDWI T1WI (FS),T1WI, T2WI (FS) 3/3 4/4 Axial, obl cor, obl sag, sag
Fallahi, et al. 2013 [37] Siemens Avanto 1.5 T Indirect T1FS, PDFS, STIR, T2 GRE T1FS, PDFS, STIR, T2 MEDIC 3/3 3/3 Para cor, sag, axial
Mahmoud, et al. 2013 [39] Philips Gyroscan NT 1.5 T/
Direct NA T1WI (FS), 3DWatSc, T2WI (SE) 3/2 3/2 Axial, obl cor, obl sag/Supine position, ABER
Moroder, et al. 2013 [23] Siemens Somatom sensation 64 1.5 T/
NA At least two different sequences NA NA 3/3 Axial, parasag, paracor,3D reconstruction/Axial, parasag, paracor
Sheridan, et al. 2015 [22] NA NA 1.5 T NA PDWI, T2WI (FS) T1WI (FS), T1WI(PD), T2WI (FSE) NA 3/3 Axial, obl cor, sag/Axial, cor, sag
El-Liethy, et al. 2016 [21] Philips&Simens Gyroscan interna &Symphony 1.5 T Direct T1 (TSE), T2 (TSE), STIR(TSE), PD(TSE),GR (TSE) T1FS (all pulse sequences) NA 3/3 Axial, obl cor, obl sag /Axial, cor, sag
  1. TSE Turbo spin echo, GRE Gradient echo, PD Proton density, FS Fat suppressed, WI Weighted image, SPAIR Spectral attenuated inversion recovery, FSE Fast spin-echo, STIR Short-TI inversion recovery, SE Spin echo, Axi Axial, obl cor, oblique coronal, obl sag oblique sagittal, NR not available, 3DWatSc 3D-gradient echo images, Para cor paracoronal