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Table 2 Summary of reported cases of cervical epidural hematoma after spinal manipulation therapy

From: Cervical epidural hematoma after spinal manipulation therapy: a case report

Reference Age (years) Gender Symptoms Level Location of hematoma Treatment Outcome
Segal et al. 1996 [3] 33 Female Paraplegia C4–6 posterior Surgery  
Tseng et al.,2002 [6] 67 Female Hemiparesis C3–5 posterolateral Surgery Recovery
Saxler G et al.,2002 [4] 27 Female Headache C1-S1 not reported Conservative Recovery
Whedon et al.,2006 [5] 79 Male Lower extremity paralysis C2–4 posterolateral Surgery Recovery
Domenic- cci et al.,2007 [8] 52 Female Hemiparesis C4-T1 posterolateral Surgery Recovery
Heiner et al.,2009 [9] 38 Female Upper extremity paralysis C4 posterolateral Conservative Recovery
Meng et al.,2015 [11] 40 Male Upper extremity paralysis C2-T2 posterolateral Surgery Recovery
Fattahi et al.,2017 [12] 44 Female Tetraplegia C1–4 anterior Conservative Recovery
Ling et al.,2017 [7] 33 Male Tetraplegia C4–7 posterolateral Surgery Die
Ryu et al.,2018 [10] 38 Male Paraparesis C6-T1 anterior Conservative Recovery
Present case 55 Male Tetraplegia C3-T3 posterolateral Surgery Partial recovery
  1. C cervical, T thoracic, S sacrum