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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria for patients referred to tertiary care due to hip and groin pain

From: Hip-related groin pain, patient characteristics and patient-reported outcomes in patients referred to tertiary care due to longstanding hip and groin pain: a cross-sectional study

Inclusion criteria
Unilateral or bilateral hip/groin pain > 3 months
Age 18–55 years
No previous hip surgery
Exclusion criteria
Other hip pathology (i.e., Perthes disease)
Verified moderate or severe osteoarthritis (OA) (Tönnis grade > 1)
Patients that had received intra-articular or peri-articular injection with corticosteroids during the last 2 months
Palpable hernia
Low-back pain with a positive Lasègue test with or without MRI-verified lower back/spine pathology
Other musculoskeletal co-morbidities overriding the hip-related symptoms and dysfunction
Co-morbidities excluding physical activity and training,
Psychosocial disorders
Drug abuse
Not understanding the language of interest.