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Table 2 Overview of questionnaire used to assess the functional recovery, work ability and patients subjective experience on function pain and quality of life. The questionnaires will be completed at baseline, 8 weeks, 5 months and 1 year after treatment

From: Effectiveness of standardized ultrasound guided percutaneous treatment of lateral epicondylitis with application of autologous blood, dextrose or perforation only on pain: a study protocol for a multi-center, blinded, randomized controlled trial with a 1 year follow up

Measures Questionnaires Scores Reliability and validity Population
Physical function and symptoms Quick-DASH [10,11,12] 0 (no disability) to 100 (most severe disability) Cronbach α > or = 0.92 and an ICCa > or = 0.94. validity was established (r > or = 0.64 Patients with various upper-limb conditions
Patients’ subjective experience of elbow surgery on elbow function, pain, and Quality of life Oxford Elbow score [13] 0 (unsatisfactory joint function)to 48 (satisfactory joint function) Cronbach’s α coefficients for the function, pain and social-psychological domains respectively 0.90, 0.87 and 0.90,. ICC 0.87 for function, 0.89 for pain and 0.87 for social-psychological. Patients after elbow trauma and surgery
Functional recovery The WORQ-UP questionnaire for the upper limb [14] 0 (no disability) to 102 (most severe disability) - Patients with elbow complaints
Pain and functional ability The Dutch Patient-Rated Tennis Elbow Evaluation PRTEE-D [15] Pain subscale (0 = no pain, 10 = worst imaginable). function subscale (0 = no difficulty, 10 = unable to do) Crohnbach’s α 0.98 and 0.93 for the pain subscale and 0.97 for the function subscale. ICC 0.98 and 0.97 for pain and function scale Patients with LE
Work ability The first question on work ability of the Work Ability Index amended for elbow pain “current work ability compared with the lifetime best regarding your elbow complaints”, [16,17,18] 0 (completely unable to work) to 10 (work ability at its lifetime best) Acceptable test-retest reliability and predictive validity for return to work Construction workers with and without musculoskeletal complaints of the upper extremity, lower back, and lower extremity
Generic measure of health gain, as a derivative of quality of life Quality adjusted life years (EQ-5D/QALYs) [19] a year of life lived in perfect health is worth 1 QALY and a year of life lived in a state of less than this perfect health is worth less than 1. validated, no studies on reliability General population sample
  1. aICC The intra-class correlation coefficient