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Fig. 9 | BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders

Fig. 9

From: The effect of anti-IL-6 receptor antibody for the treatment of McH-lpr/lpr-RA1 mice that spontaneously developed destructive arthritis and enthesitis

Fig. 9

Micro CT image of tibia at week 20 in control and MR16–1 treated groups. a Representative coronal reconstruction images of proximal tibia in control and MR16–1 treated groups. b Structural parameter analyses of tibia of control and MR16–1 treated mice. Results are expressed as the mean ± standard error (n = 5 mice per group). Representative data are shown from two independent experiments with similar results. There are no significant differences in BV, TV, BV/TV and trabecular thickness by Student’s t-test

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