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Table 3 Summary of collected demographic and outcome data

From: The Back Pain and Movement (B-PAM) registry; a study protocol

Demographic measures LBP Patients Controls
Age X X
Gender X X
Pain episode duration (weeks) X X
Body Mass Index (BMI) X X
Employment (working vs not working) X X
Marital Status X X
Co-morbidities (categories) X X
Co-interventions - current medications (categories) X X
Co-interventions - (hospital admissions, doctor or other clinician visits, imaging, other diagnostic tests, X X
Patient outcomes
 LBP diagnosis (ICD-10) - clinician X  
 LBP – movement pattern classification (clinician) X  
 LBP – Movement Classifier X  
 QVAS - back X X
 QVAS - leg X X
 Oswestry Disability Index (ODI) X  
 START-Keele X  
 Fear Avoidance Behavior Questionnaire (FABQ) X  
 EQ-5D X X
 Depression Anxiety Stress Survey 21 (DASS-21) X X
 Patient perception of movement contribution to pain - single item X  
Movement outcomes
 ViMove standard assessment (includes range of motion, speed, and timing of movement as described in “Measurements”) X X
 30 s sit-to-stand test X X
 40 m walk test X X