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Table 4 The identified studies in which PROs as an integrated part of clinical practice were examined

From: Implementing patient-reported outcomes in clinical decision-making within knee and hip osteoarthritis: an explorative review

Study Title Year Study design Topic PROMa
Gakhal N et al. [20] Audit and feedback of patient reported outcomes in knee osteoarthritis to improve management in primary care: A pilot project 2016 Pilot study Implementation of a system of feedback of PRO to encourage the use of data to inform clinical decisions by patients and their providers. ICOAP, WOMAC
Slover JD, et al. [21] Feasibility of integrating standardized patient-reported outcomes in orthopedic care 2015 Feasibility study Demonstration of the feasibility of routinely collecting PRO as a part of standard orthopaedic care. EQ-5D, KOOS
  1. aThe full names of the PROMs are available in Additional file 2