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Table 3 Difference in mean costs, mean QALYs, and results for the ICER

From: More cost-effective management of patients with musculoskeletal disorders in primary care after direct triaging to physiotherapists for initial assessment compared to initial general practitioner assessment

Intervention vs TAU Difference in mean cost (€) (95% CI) Difference in mean QALYs (95% CI) ICER
Societal perspective − 3600
(−11,620 to 5540)
(−0.10 to 0.23)
Healthcare perspective −30
(− 340 to 280)
  1. Results based on 53 patients with multivariate multiple imputation using chained regression equations where age, sex, comorbidities, treatment status, and baseline health status are used as factors. Intervention = Initially triaged to physiotherapists. TAU = Treatment as usual (initially triaged to GPs). € = Euros