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Table 1 Diagnostic principles of severe carpal tunnel syndrome

From: Sonographic follow-up after endoscopic carpal tunnel release for severe carpal tunnel syndrome: a one-year neuroanatomical prospective observational study

Meet the following four symptoms:
Severe numbness in the distribution of the median nerve of the wrist or hand;
Obvious thenar muscle atrophy;
Thumb opposition dysfunction;
Two-point discrimination > 10 mm;
Meet one of the following three signs:
Positive Tinel’s sign;
Positive Phalen’s test;
Positive Durkan’s test;
Electrodiagnostic testing
Meet the following two electrodiagnostic results:
Absence of median sensory nerve action potential (SNAPS) (digit-wrist segment)
abnormal distal motor latency (DML ≥ 4.2 ms) or absence of motor response;