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Table 3 Hydrolysis probes

From: In vitro chondrogenic potency of surplus chondrocytes from autologous transplantation procedures does not predict short-term clinical outcomes

ITGA1 Hs00235006_m1
ITGA2 Hs00158127_m1
ITGA3 Hs01076879_m1
ITGA5 Hs01547673_m1
ITGA6 Hs01041011_m1
ITGA10 Hs00174623_m1
ITGAV Hs00233808_m1
ITGB1 Hs00559595_m1
ITGB3 Hs01001469_m1
ITGB4 Hs00236216_m1
ITGB5 Hs00174435_m1
COL1A1 Hs00164004_m1
COL2A1 Hs00264051_m1
MATN3 Hs00159081_m1
NCAM1 Hs00941830_m1
CD44 Hs01075861_m1
ICAM1 Hs00164932_m1
CDH2 Hs00983056_m1
BMPR1A Hs01034913_g1
BMPR1B Hs01010965_m1
BMR2 Hs00176148_m1
TGFBR1 Hs00610320_m1
TGFBR2 Hs00234253_m1
TGFBR3 Hs00234257_m1
RPL13A (reference gene) Hs04194366_1g