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Fig. 4 | BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders

Fig. 4

From: In vitro chondrogenic potency of surplus chondrocytes from autologous transplantation procedures does not predict short-term clinical outcomes

Fig. 4

Comparison of selected molecular biomarkers between chondrogenic groups. a Surface protein expression of by flow cytometry from donors with high scores (n = 3; upper panels) and low scores (n = 3; low panels). Red peak represents the isotype control, and blue, orange and green peak represent expression by each independent donor. Average median fluorescence intensity (MFI) +/− standard error demonstrated differences in surface marker expression between two groups. b Analysis of selected genes of interest by qPCR revealed their relative expression in the high (n = 8) and low (n = 5) chondrogenic groups. Plotted values represent each donor, and the error bar represents standard deviation. Significance level, p (*) < 0.05

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