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Table 2 Number of patients included in the outcome variables sick leave, disability and pain

From: Fear avoidance beliefs as a predictor for long-term sick leave, disability and pain in patients with chronic low back pain

Outcome variable Successful (n) Unsuccessful (n) Missing values (n) Total (n)
Sick leavea 121 40 114 275
Disabilityb 169 200 190 559
Painc 172 191 196 559
  1. aSuccessful if no longer on sick leave, unsuccessful if still on sick leave at 12-month follow-up
  2. bSuccessful if reduction ≥5 on the modified Roland Morris Disability Questionnaire, unsuccessful if <5 points reduction at 12-month follow-up
  3. cSuccessful if reduction ≥6 on the Numeric Pain Rating Scale, unsuccessful if <6 point reduction at 12-month follow-up