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Table 2 ELISA Kits

From: The effect of autologous platelet rich plasma on tenocytes of the human rotator cuff

Analyte ELISA Kit Specifics Dilution of PRP
PDGF-AB Quantikine human PDGF-AB (R&D systems)   1:50
IGF-I Quantikine human IGF-I (R&D systems) PRP needs pre-treatment (solution provided in the kit) 1:100 (including pre-treatment)
TGF-β1 Quantikine human TGF-β1 (R&D systems) PRP needs activation with 1 N HCL, neutralization with 1.2 N NaOH/0.5 M HEPES) 1:40 (including activation)
BMP-7 DuoSet human BMP-7 (R&D systems)   Undiluted
BMP-12 (GDF-7) Human GDF-7 ELISA Kit (Blue Gene) Competitive ELISA 1:2