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Table 1 Main Characteristics of Studies Included in This Meta-analysis for COL9A3 trp3 Polymorphisms

From: Association of COL9A3 trp3 polymorphism with intervertebral disk degeneration: a meta-analysis

Study ID year Enrolled Country Ethnicity Age Gender Diagnosis by Genotyping Method Control Source Matching Cases Controls Relation with IDD
Bagheri et al. [18] 2016 Iran Iranian 20~ 66 both MRI PCR-seq individuals with acute trauma and patients without IDD gender 108 57 only present in male subgroup
Solovieva et al. [14] 2006 Finland N/D 40~ 45 men MRI PCR-seq Patients without IDD HWE, age 77 55 Absent
Kales et al. [27] 2004 Greece Southern European < 60 both surgery, MRI or CT PCR-seq patients without IDD and visitors to nonsurgical, nonorthopedic units BMI 105 102 Absent
Paassita et al. [17] 2001 Finland Finnish < 78 N/D both clinic and MRI or CT PCR-seq CSGE healthy individuals, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, chondrodysplasias N/D 171 321 Present
Kelempisioti et al. [30] 2011 Finland N/D young adult, mean age 21 both MRI PCR-seq Patients without IDD gender, HWE 292 246 Absent
Matsui et al. [28] 2004 USA most of them are Caucasian 16~ 87 both N/D PCR-seq Individuals with a vertebral fracture treated by fusion N/Da 97 10 Absentb
Eskola et al. [21] 2010 Finland Caucasian 12 ~  14 both MRI PCR-seq children without IDD age, weight, BMI, HWE 66 154 Absent
Rathod et al. [22] 2012 India Indian 15~ 60 both both clinic and MRI PCR-seq and TaqMan assay Patients without IDD age 100 100 Absent
Zhu et al. [29] 2011 USA most of them are Caucasian 16~ 78 both N/D N/D Individuals with a vertebral fracture treated by fusion age 26 6 N/D
jim et al. [23] 2005 China Chinese 18~ 55 both MRI PCR-seq CSGE Patients without IDD age, gender 514 290 Absent
Toktas et al. [11] 2015 Turkey N/D 35~ 45 male MRI PCR-seq healthy individuals age, gender 75 25 Absentc
  1. Abbreviations: PCR-seq restriction analysis polymerase chain reaction sequencing, N/D not described, CSGE conformation sensitive gel electrophoresis, MRI magnetic resonance imaging, CT Computed Tomography, IDD intervertebral disk degeneration, HWE Hardy–Weinberg equilibrium, BMI body mass index. aThis study matched age, gender, race between trp3 positive and trp3 negative groups, but not between control and case groups. b, although absent relation with IDD, case group was positively associated with the diagnosis of spinal stenosis with spondylolisthesis. c, although absent relation with IDD, control group has significantly higher scores in Pfirrmann classification than case group